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Content License Terms

Who can use the licensed  products from Holistic Tools

All the products on this site are for the sole use of qualified and fully trained holistic, spiritual, and wellbeing practitioners.

This includes life and health coaches, holistic therapists, counsellors, nutritionists, spiritual workers, mindfulness and yoga teachers, plus other types of holistic, spiritual, or health and wellness practitioners.

By purchasing products from this website, you are agreeing that you are qualified or trained in the relevant wellbeing or therapeutic modality, and that you have a level of expertise that enables you to safely and appropriately use the products for the benefit of your clients.

Access to the site and all products will be immediately revoked for any person who is using the products and who is not suitably qualified or trained to do so.

Single person licensing and rules

The products on the Holistic Tools website are available under a personal license only.

This means that you can use the products directly with your clients, during your 1-1 consultations, group therapy programmes, on your personal website, and within your own wellbeing practice.

You can also edit the products and sell within your own website directly to your clients, either as individual items, or within wellbeing packages. However, you may not use the products outside of a 1-1 therapeutic context, or outside of your own immediate health practice.

What you CAN do with your products

  • Edit to fit your personal brand and services
  • Publish on your own health & wellness website
  • Include within your paid membership programmes
  • Use as part of your client therapy packages
  • Use in 1-1 or group sessions whilst working directly with clients

What you CAN NOT do with your products

  • Give away free on your website or any other location
  • Share products with any other wellbeing practitioners
  • Sell on any external websites other than for your personal practice
  • List on any free membership sites or social media channels
  • Claim copyright for any of the tools or products
  • Sell on Amazon, or list for sale on any other external sites

Copyright notice

The products on the Holistic Tools website are the intellectual property of Daniella Saunders, who retains sole copyright to all the items and products listed, and of any part of them.

Your content license allows you to edit and brand the products for use within your own wellbeing practice, and to use within them within the context of the direct 1-1 or group therapeutic relationship between yourself and your clients.

Purchasing the products from the Holistic Tools website does not grant you any rights to sell the items to any third parties whatsoever, except when you are working in a 1-1 context with that person, and within your own therapy practice.


Due to the downloadable and immediate nature of products in this website, no refunds will be given.

The only exception to this rule is for the accidental purchase of duplicate products, for which receipts and full purchase details must be provided.

With this in mind, please ensure that you are happy with the products you have selected before going through the checkout.