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I have set up Holistic Tools to provide custom and ready-made resources for health and wellbeing practitioners.
My aim is to collaborate with my fellow therapists, coaches, and healers - so that you can spend more time doing the parts
of your work that you enjoy most. These are the three main areas that I can help you with...




Find your ideal clients
Demonstrate how you can help
Introduce your wellbeing services

Client information sheets
Introductory e-books and guides
Ready made wellness workshops

 Coaching exercises
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Professional Support for Healing Practitioners

The challenges of being a solopreneur

Being a self-employed wellbeing practitioner, or running a small business, comes with it's own unique set of challenges.

There are so many different things to do before you even work with anyone; creating blog posts, social media engagement, marketing strategy, finding your clients, managing premises, ordering products, developing resources... the list goes on... and on...

As a fellow therapist and coach who works with people with chronic exhaustive conditions, I understand how difficult it can be to multi-task on such a regular basis.  When you combine this with regularly providing support that is physically and emotionally draining, it's no wonder that so many therapists become stressed, burnout, or ill.

Unfortunately, when you are a solopreneur and struggling to start or grow your practice, it can be difficult to outsource jobs to to other people until you reach a point where you are well established. Sometimes you manage to find a writer who produces very pretty resources, but which are ultimately superficial, and contain no real substance or value for your clients.  This highlights an additional problem; that most writers simply do not have the level of insight that is needed to write your specialist website pages, blog posts, or resources, to the standard that you would write them yourself. 

What's the solution?

What you need is a qualified coach, therapist, or health professional who also has the skills and experience to create your resources for you, without breaking your budget. Someone who recognises the unique challenges of being a practitioner, knows how to best support clients, and who can help you to grow your professional practice.

This is where I can help. Fortunately, I enjoy creating resources and providing copywriting services.  I'm also qualified in a range of coaching and therapies, with several decades of healthcare experience. An ideal combination for this very situation...

Your professional skills are judged not only by your 1-1 services, but also by the content, resources, and tools that you provide for your clients. Why outsource this to someone who has no experience in this area? Much better to use high quality resources, and have this reflect positively on your own wellbeing practice.

Growing your wellbeing practice

If you are a holistic therapist, life or health coach, spiritual worker, or a health professional of any type, then I can help you to grow your practice. Outsourcing your specialist copywriting, content creation, and practitioner resources to me, will allow you to save your valuable time and energy for working with clients instead.

If this is something that you might be interested in, I offer two main types of writing services:

Custom content which is uniquely written for you: Demonstrate your specialist skills and therapies, attract your ideal clients, and show the results you can help your clients to achieve with your signature services.

If custom content is something you are interested in, please either contact me by email, or go to my content creation page for more details.

Ready-made tools and resources: Licensed resources for personal use within your holistic, spiritual, or health-based practice. Simply use these items as your own to support the work that you do directly with your clients.

I will be releasing new ready-made items regularly. So, if you would like to keep in touch, and get early-bird discounts for all new products, please join my Holistic Tools list at the bottom of this page.

Resources for Health & Wellbeing Practitioners

Professional collaboration with Daniella

Clarify your message with specialist resources and content creation

Save your time and energy for working with clients

Daniella Saunders - Specialist in Mind-Body Health
MA (Phil), BA (Hons), RGN, ITEC

My intention for setting up Holistic Tools is to provide a range of practical resources and tools for holistic, spiritual, and wellbeing practitioners to use within their practice.

There is so much to do as a wellbeing solopreneur, and it can be overwhelming to try and do everything yourself. It takes a lot of time to create practical tools, workshops, blog posts, handouts, and exercises. As a result, many therapists feel they are on a treadmill of busyness, and never really have the energy they need to really make progress in growing their practice.

With over thirty years healthcare experience, I have spent much of my time creating health-related content, resources, and tools for use in my own practice, writing articles for wellness publications, and participating in multiple educational programmes.

I have set up Holistic Tools so that you can outsource your content creation requirements to a fellow qualified coach and therapist.  Leaving you to spend your time doing the things which are most productive in your practice - like working directly with your clients, and focusing on developing your wellbeing packages and services.

Holistic Tools

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